Web development simplified

Dlayer is an Open Source responsive web development tool aimed primarily at users with limited web design or development experience.

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What is Dlayer?

I have two goals for Dlayer, the first is to simplify web development and design, the second is to provide the user with full control over every element and attribute that can be used to create a web page or website. These two goals are very much at odds with each other, but by concentrating on the UX and limiting options, I can meet both goals.

  • Simplify web development; Using Dlayer, you should be able to build a single web page or entire website without writing a single line of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or code.
  • Provide full control; Using Dlayer you will have total control over every element and attribute that can be used to create a web page, you also won't need to know what attributes exist.

Why did I Open Source Dlayer?

I started development in 2008, up until August 2015 Dlayer was a private project that I worked on in my free time and between contracts. I made the decision to Open Source Dlayer for multiple reasons, I have listed a few below:

  • I want Dlayer to succeed, to do that it needs to be out there and used by people, an app that never ships is no good to anyone, especially the developer
  • I want to build up a community around Dlayer, now that it has a solid foundation I am planning on letting the community have a say in where the app goes next. I have my plans for Dlayer, and they will keep me busy, but I would love to hear from others.

Where is the Demo?

The demo is at http://demo.dlayer.com; Development on Dlayer is constant, the app is always growing, keep an eye on the release page for updates. I am working towards the MVP, at the moment the demo is a little limited in features.

Development status

I'm actively working on migrating Dlayer to ZF3, check out the status on my blog or over on GitHub, as soon as I have parity with the legacy version it will replace the demo on this site.

Latest release of Dlayer (Legacy version)

v1.17 Quill and refactoring (12th September 2017 - GitHub)

  • New styling table for content items, stores all defined styles, no need for a table per styling group. [Refactoring]
  • Cleaned up tools, removed redundant model classes and moved around shared classes, now more apparent if they relate to content or not. [Refactoring]
  • Now using Quill PHP renderer v1.01.1, enables support for lists in text areas.

Do you want to help?

I could do with some help, if you can code, design, write documentation, review code, bug hunt or think you can assist in another way, please let me know via GitHub.